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How to become an independent escort?

Hereby we collect some of the must-haves about getting to the escort business and about being an independent escort. The escort job has several sides; many of these sides need to be accepted by someone who wants to do this job on a longer haul. Escort job is among those jobs that always look for new faces and if you get experience, it can become a good paying job for you so look at these attributes and try to absorb some of these in order to become an independent escort.

1. Endurance and skills

The job of an escort is a tiring one especially in the beginning when you are trying to build up a good clientele for yourself. You do either the call-girl side or the full escort side of job, which means going to events for example, you need to have the look, you need to be in form always because that’s what is expected from you. The job of a real escort is a little similar to the job to be a geisha, as you should be a good entertainer, you should have some good communicational skills and you need to be in a good physical condition for being able to do this job for a longer time. So go to the gym or try running from time to time so that your endurance gets better.

2. Appearance

For the job of an escort, you need to look attractive, clean, neat and sexy in your own way. This does not mean you need any original looks. You need to be yourself because there will be always people who go for your type of appearance but do try to bring the best out of you. Go to hairdresser to get your hair done, go to cosmetics to have a good cleansing and moisturising treatment every 3-4 weeks and follow a good beauty routine so that you can always stay in shape. Some escorts try their best to alter or change their looks and to invent a kind of new personality for themselves from time to time.  If you need that type of entertaining or if you feel you are good at it you can try, but mostly the best option is, just to look your best.

3. Portfolio

You also need to flash your best appearance during a shoot, which is about making your portfolio. A portfolio, which is the name of a collection of good quality professional photographs of you, need to be done well, these photos will represent you at the beginning of your career and they need to show your best side. In order to have 10-15 good photos, you will need to work hard, especially if you are not friendly with the camera. An average man or women will need shooting about 100 different photos to choose the best quality 10-15 out of them. The biggest part of your photos should show you absolutely dressed up, in different dresses, like daily and nightdress, if that is the profile of the agency. You will need to have close ups and full-figure photographs. You can also vary colourful and black or white photos because black and white brings out such aspects in you, which the coloured just does not show, or shows differently. A good shoot takes a day, as it needs good preparations. You will need to pay for these but it is very important to find a good photographer for this. For some of the photos they can show you wearing underwear but do not go any further than that. Most sites will not post photos of explicit content and you do not need these photos.

4. Advertising

You need to find good places to advertise your services. There are many reputable esocrts directories where you can place your profile for a small fee. For a beginner escort, its more than worth it, as it is the easiest and fastest way to start the escort entertaining business. Here are some escort directories we recommend to place your profile, these are highly visited, reputable websites.

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Regional escort directories:

Europe: UK Escorts, London Escorts, Paris Escorts


5.  Become an independent escort

It is not easy to become an independent escort and you will need to work hard for it to come true. Without the essential experience and without the contacts you will not be able to make it high. Of course there are some who try to work with their own website and it’s certainly an option if you feel that you have multiple sides which are interesting to the public yet most of the best paid hostesses either don’t have a site or they just give access rights for those who they know. Most escorts work hard to build up a small but good clientele and they get their next clients upon referrals. So, think through these possibilities and if you feel you have the necessary skills and wills to make this job and to become an independent hostess in the end, then go for it.